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Pulp Mill Wash Aids

The use of effective wash aid is to eliminate the entrained air, better washing of pulp and to keep a higher solid percentage of the black liquor along with better recovery of the cooking chemicals. It also helps to keep the washing area neat and clean.

Cooking Aids

Cooking aids are used to enhance cooking liquor penetration throughout the chips and the fibers. It also improves the diffusion process and facilitates uniform cooking of pulp.

Pulp Mill Scale Control Programs

Scale control agents control the formation of scale in digester body, the Washers, Screens, equipment’s surface, pipelines, control sensors and vacuum pumps etc. to get the optimum efficiency from the system.

Pulp Mill Pitch Control Programs

The pitch control agents / dispersants are used for Effective removal of pitch from fire in the early stages of production, Its Control the pitch deposition in the entire fibre line, minimizes the pitch dirt in pulp and paper sheets and Disperses & inhibits the deposition related to pitch and inorganic salts in the system.

H2O2 Stabilizers

The hydrogen peroxide stabilizers are used to control the breakdown and degradation of H2O2 and gives improved efficiency of H2O2, resulting in lower consumption of it in the system with additional benefits of lowering bleaching chemical demand, improved pulp viscosity and brightness reversion.

Deposit Control Programs

Stickies Control Program
It helps to reduce the stickies deposits in the machine system and gives a better runnability of the paper machine.
Microbiological Control Program
The use of microbiological control Programs helps in the reduction of growth of bacteria, yeast and other Fungi in the paper machine system and also helps to give better runnabilty and production. It also helps to control the odour in the machine system.
Dryer Fabric Cleaning Programs
Dryer Fabric cleaning programs help in keeping the Dryer fabric clean and thus directly helps in reducing steam consumption, gives a better moisture profile, it also Lowers web transfer stability, Lowers Breaks and reduces downtimes and benefits in higher production and improved paper quality.
Wire Passivation & Cleaning Program
Helps to keep the wire neat and clean all the time.
Felt Passivation, Cleaning and conditioning programs
Helps to keep the felt neat and clean, thus gives better profile, lower paper breaks and better production.
Scale Control & Scale Cleaning Programs
Scale control agents control the formation of scale on the frames of Wire port, Screens, equipment’s surface, pipelines, control sensors, vacuum pumps, cooling towers and etc. to get the optimum efficiency from the system.
Roll Deposits Control Program
Roll Cleaning programs help to keep the rolls clean and free from other inorganic deposits.

Surface Sizing Program

The Anionic and Cationic surface Sizing programs are used on Size presses to maintain the required level of water resistance properties of paper in Writing & Printing grade papers, Duplex Board, Kraft liners and Corrugating media papers The thin film formed on the surface of paper reduces paper dust; improve surface strength and printability properties.

Fluff Control & Printability Program

Fluff control program is used to reduce Fluff, Dust & Lint and improve Web uniformity & printability properties of the paper sheet.


Defoamers and deaerators are used in the wet end and size press, which results in the reduction of sheet defects such as pin holes, improve drainage on wire part and facilitates smooth machine runnability.

Dry Strength Resin

The dry strength resins come in anionic, cationic and amphoteric in nature and it mainly helps to increase the strength properties of paper and also helps in better machine runnability along with the improved surface properties of paper sheet.

Refining Enzymes

The Refining enzyme program helps in the reduction of refining energy of fibre, gives better drainage on wire part with improved machine runnability with improved paper properties.

Polymers (Coagulants & Flocculants)

These are used in obtaining the retention properties in the paper and also helps in solid-liquid separation in Clarifiers, thickeners and sludge dewatering equipment in wastewater treatment plant.


We supply tapioca starch from Thailand in all grades i.e. cationic starch, coating starch, oxidized starch and spray starch. (We are Authorized Distributors for SWI and SWS Thailand and also for Advance Flour Co Ltd Thailand)

PEO(Poly Ethylene Oxide)

The main use of a PEO is to improve the formation and retention in the tissue grade paper. ( We are Authorized Distributors for Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Ltd / Ikegami Koeki Co Ltd - Japan.)

Effluent Treatment Program

Coagulants and Flocculants are used in solid-liquid separation in Clarifiers, thickeners and sludge dewatering equipment in wastewater treatment plant. These programs help in getting improved final effluent quality, Improves settling rates in a sedimentation Clarifiers, Improves flotation rates in dissolved air flotation units, Increases final sludge density, dryness of the cake and lower filtrate solids and cost effectiveness.