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Deposit Control Program

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1. Microbiological Control Program:

In many paper mills deposits creates serious technological problems. Microbial contamination
in systems running at neutral to alkaline pH is far more severe than at acid pH. The use of
microbiological control Programs helps in the reduction of growth of bacteria, yeast and other
Fungi in the paper machine system and also helps to give better runnability and production. It
also helps to control the odour in the machine system.

2. Stickies Control Program:

Stickies are one of the key challenges where recycled fiber is used. The program product is a
liquid non-ionic polymer & designed to provide superior control on organic deposition. It is an
excellent component of a total deposit control program, providing organic detackification in
closed circulation areas where particle size maintenance and subsequent retention are
important & in few occasions dispersing agents is also recommended along with detackification

3. Wire & felt Passivation and Conditioning Program:

It is used for passivating & conditioning of machine wet end clothing such as wire & felts and
associated rolls surfaces to inhibit pitch deposition & is specifically designed to control localized
deposition. It is a unique organic and inorganic deposit prevention formulation designed for
wire & felt conditioning. It is quite active in maintaining the clothing clean and tidy resulting in
improved clothing life, smooth runnability & less down time.

4. Dryer Fabric Cleaning Program:

This is an alkaline solvent fabric cleaner designed to remove heavy organic contamination
from dryer screens. This program helps in keeping the dryer fabric surface clean and thus
directly helps in reducing steam consumption with uniform cross moisture profile of sheet. It
also lowers web transfer stability, reduces breaks and downtimes leading to higher production
along with improved paper quality & clothing life. It is a batch process.

5. Acidic/ Alkaline Boilout program:

Boil out is needed to kill bacteria saturated in the back water system. It is a batch process & is
advisible when deposit/slime breaks gets out of control & do not get controlled by biocide
program. Preferably in every one month or two depending upon the raw material being used.
Acidic boil out is advisable after three consecutive alkaline boil out.

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