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Proper washing and dewatering of lime mud being fed to the lime kiln is critical to producing quality reburnt lime that is high in both availability and reactivity. Lime mud dewatering aid can dramatically improve washing and increase mud solids, providing energy savings and increased kiln production.
Lime mud dewatering aids are blend of different surfactants. These products work via two primary mechanisms namely Increased Dewatering and Increased Washing (include foam and soda loss control).
The use of lime mud dewatering aids provides benefits;
Improved water removal at the pre-coat lime mud filter has direct impact on the fuel economy of the lime kiln since more heat is required to remove the excess moisture. There is thus a strong correlation between lime mud moisture content & lime kiln fuel efficiency. The fuel consumption of the lime kiln improves by 2% for every 1% reduction in moisture in lime mud. In essence, the calcite particle surface converts from hydrophilic to hydrophobic. Most importantly, the originally sorbed water is displaced and is now free water that can be removed easily with the pre-coat filter vacuum. The levels of Total Reduced Sulphur (TRS) emissions from the lime kiln is thus reduced

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