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Oxidised, Cationic & Spray Tapioca / Maize starches.

These are an economical and environmental friendly modified starch from tapioca/maize specially researched and manufactured for the wet end, size press and spray on the wire in writing & Printing, Kraft liner board/corrugating medium/duplex board production. It is one of the cheapest & abundant natural carbohydrate biopolymers & is compatible with hydrocolloids and other water-soluble polymers. Therefore, it can be an effective component in multifunctional systems. It is used at the wet end of the paper machine to improve internal sizing & dry strength too and also used at dry end in size press to improve surface sizing & glaze of paper.
Our modified starches are proven to give some other additional benefits like improved formation, internal bond, surface strength, stiffness, wax pick, tensile strength & increase run ability & productivity as sheet breaks are lower. It also reduces linting & dust.
Increase drainage, better retention of fines, fillers & other chemicals.

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