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NOWALzyme DT2000 G

10:56 am


  • Nowalzyme DT2000 G is a natural and bio-degradable ingredients, removes tough stains and protect fabric from damages and discoloration.
  • The protease in Nowalzyme DT2000 G helps to breakdown the protein based strains into small, readily soluble peptide fragments which can be removed easily from the surface of the fabrics.
  • This high class protease enzyme in granule forms designed to be used in making of powder detergents for house hold and hospital laundry products. It helps in removing tough stains of blood, blood/milk/ink, grass, mucous, sebum and various protein based food stains.
  • Nowalzyme DT2000 G is the great product for replacing surfactants and carbonates in laundry powder detergent and very effective to improve cleaning performance at very low cost.

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