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NOWALzyme DT2100 G

10:57 am


  • It is a new generation formula in granule forms with the combination of five unique enzymes like Protease, Cellulase, Lipase, Amylase, and Mannanase to make cost-effective and efficient cleaning process in detergent industries.
  • Granules of this multi-blend enzyme product are able to reduce detergent chemicals consumption in laundry powder detergent which leads to protect fabric from any damages in any ways.
  • Nowalzyme DT2100 G can easily remove tough stains coming from blood, milk, ink, grass, sebum, butter, cheese, chocolates, pudding, porridge, cooking oils, sauces, ketchup, tea, coffee, ice-cream and gum based stains from processed food stuffs.
  • Detergent having Nowalzyme DT2100 G also deliver fresh feel after each wash and helps in keeping hands and equipment safe.

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