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Strength Improvement Program

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1. Strength additives & starch reduction polymer :

Polymer-based strength additives in liquid & powder form to increase strength properties / reduce starch consumption per ton of paper by 30 % -40 %.
Comprehensive benefits such as;
– Reduction in starch consumption
– Increase in brust factor
– Increase in tensile strength
– Increase in double fold
– Decrease cracking tendency
– Avoids bf drop in paper.
– Improve the gloss of paper.

2. Ply Bond Improvement Agent:

(Anionic acrylamide copolymer in aqueous dispersion.)
Ply bond agent in the paper and paperboard application is for better dissolution compared to
the emulsion and solid products. The product is free of organic solvents, surfactants and volatile
organic compounds (VOCs). Decrease TG (Temperature of Gelatinization), Improves drying rate,
decreases energy consumption & increases in machine speed. Recovery of fibers and charges.
Improves the drainage of waste water in the paper machine. It also improve paper drying,
reducing the need for steam in the drying area. Highly recommended in retention and drainage
programs in combination with other polyacrylamides.

3. Dry Strength Resins(DSR):

The Dry Strength Additives are polymer of acrylamide & are anionic, cationic and amphoteric in
nature, It mainly helps to increase the strength properties, surface properties, better formation
& degree of stiffness (rattling) of paper and also helps in strengthening per unit of bonded area
between fibers, maintaining higher dewatering rates, lower density of paper & better machine
runnability with increased machine speed.

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